Kemtal Glasgow
<p>Are Meetings useless or useful? I’ve often asked myself this very question, especially if I’m sitting in what’s feeling like the meeting that will never end… you know those marathon meetings where you feel like you need a haircut by the time it’s over!  I’m thinking of the days where […]</p>
<p>Bringing Correction Those of us in pastoral leadership or leaders of teams have had on occasion to provide feedback to those under our care.  Sometimes that feedback is in the form of correction, direction and maybe even an outright rebuke!  For me those conversations are never fun but I’ve taken […]</p>


Kemtal was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He grew up in church and knew he was called into the ministry at a young age. He was the beneficiary of great leadership at his home church Evangel Temple and went on to become a Charter Class graduate of The AFCM International Bible Training Center in Calgary Alberta. ... [Read More]

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